Why Security Of Your Data Is Must?.

Safepots cloud is for meeting extra need of storage backup & disaster recovery. Secure your devices with the world-class backup.

Security of data is must! Why so?

As much as we are present in the physical world, we are so in the digital world. The technologies with its advancement has pinned itself with our life. The government, individual, business (small/ medium/ big) are fully utilizing the digital technologies everyday. Thinking a time without it makes our world empty and too traditional and backward. With the advancement, the cyber-criminals are also peeking to make our digital world difficult so there comes a need of security.

Cybercrime Economy.

In accordance to the estimation drawn by the center for strategic & international studies, globally the cost of cyber-crime ranges over 400 Billion USD every year. Facebook had to compromise 87M users, Yahoo-3billion, eBay-145M. Dr. Michael McGuire in his recent studies stated that the cyber criminals over the globe is generating 1.5 trillion dollar that comprises.

Safepots securing significant data

As we all know that with the evolution of technologies and expansion of computer networks, cyber criminals are growing and advancing their attacks. Hence there comes the need of intelligent, precautious way of securing significant data.


It prevents all the unauthorized data incoming & outgoing.

Update messages

There are many a times update messages popping on your screen which are mostly fake.


Take precautious programs like antivirus or malware for the protection of data.

System scanning

This helps to detect any vulnerability present in your device.


Be aware! Never open mails that sounds impossible like ‘congratulation’ , ‘you have won..”. This may be a phishing activity drawn for you.


User different browsers like Google, Firefox etc. for browsing.

People have a misbelief that the attacks by the cyber criminals are only prone to big firms or governments. Crimes like stealing personal detail about the user is called phishing, wrong usage of personal detail known as identity theft, robbing net banking or credit card information is known as hacking, blackmailing to upload or delete important information or pictures called ransomware attack. These crimes are happening daily and the attackers are attacking not only big firms or governments but also the common people.

Safepots cloud is a mastermind to generate every solution for these kinds and advanced threats. As we all know how vital it is to keep your data secured.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

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