Sync, Share, Backup

Safepots gives you an effortless way to sync, share, access, and backup all your documents, photos, music, and movies across computers and devices.

Some of the world’s leading tech publications talk about Safepots.

Collective cloud-based backup

All the data at the different device like pc, desktop, phones & different cloud services are imported to Safepots cloud-based backup for security & easy accessibility.


We protect android and ios data like files, documents, music, video, pictures, messages, calendar, call log.


It support backups from sd card, drives, nas, san, PCs (windows/mac), servers of windows, flash drive, smartphones (android/ios), dropbox.


It allows searches of excel, pdf, ppts, scanned pdfs & images.


Allows streaming of videos, movies.


Enables tagging, file sharing.


Play musics.

Automated protection

Amended files/ new files all gets automatic back up for this attribute. All you need is just upload the data with Safepots.

User customization is available for data backup to be done on daily or scheduled basis.

Ms sql cloud backups

Databases needs protection to accomplish in your business so do this feature is vital. Less protection of it can lead a bad result and therefore Safepots provides a good protection and retrieving of databases easily.

It is user-friendly, innovative, restoring control is available, provides web-view of backedup data, automated cloud backup, compress databases to save time, quick download and restoration, user management.


Our backups are reliable and even works on amazon’s AWS cloud which is trusted by thousands of companies and the governments. With Safepots you get this opportunity to keep your device strain-free as all the processes of the computer is done on the cloud itself. And above all these we never make a compromise for providing the high quality encryption for your data safety. We also give an addition layer of protecting your data by multi factor authentication which helps in your managements and administration processes.

Discovery of saas files

With this feature, one can save its data at one place. It also becomes very convenient for search results.


Enables Quick search at any time.


Document discovery using phrase/ word of the content.


Search using object name(cup, cake, birthday) in your photos.


Streaming of videos.




Can be used in your smartphones without compromising the quality or safety.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.