Legal Industrie

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Easy discovering of file

Understanding the legal multiple problems of cases, Safepots builds a technology that is up to date to fight against issues of present time. Quickly get your search result in few seconds! We use the best of the best unique advancement to make your searches possible with words mentioned in your documents.

Mobile app

We made the possibility of your work happen securely on the go, by just using your smartphone to access all your data.


We’ve pioneered a smart and affordable solution to securely store and access unlimited amounts of footage, project assets and audio files on-demand.

Conversion of scanned files

We support TIFF, JPEG, all other forms of formats of the file. You can access your search quickly by just typing your content key-phrases to get your result in a while.


Access your data or just recover your lost data for any reason it might be, with simple steps and clicks. We make things work for you.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.