Cloud Computing and its Advantages

Jan 30, 2021  |  Safepots Team

Cloud Computing and its Advantages

We are living in a virtual world as much as we are living in a physical one. Digital technology has advanced our lives in so many ways that it became a crucial part of it. From every big and small organization including government to every individual is using digital technology on a regular basis. One technology that every individual is using today without realizing is Cloud.

Yet “what is cloud or cloud computing?” is the most Google-searched term in the field. Cloud is using remote servers hosted on the internet by cloud providers to help you store, manage and process your data rather than depending on your local server or personal computer. In layman language, you just save your data online on the internet and then use it from there and even download it from there if in case you lose your data in an accident causing physical damage to your device. No matter where you are you can access it from anywhere at any time. You just need an internet connection to go.

12 Benefits of Cloud that Safepots Provide

Safepots cloud computing Solution is not an ordinary cloud solution. It is designed by collaborating new age technologies of cognitive intelligence such as A.I. and others. We do more than just safe File sharing, quick Syncing, Mobile App Access, Secure Encryption and Availability at affordable price.

Simple administration

Use Centralized web console for various actions. Implement specific configurations for users and computers. Add users by pushing sign-up credentials, set storage limits and backup policies. Manage and keep eyes on every user activities at any time. Track all their actions with transparency. Provide powerful user access to specific groups or accounts with permissions for viewing, sharing and deleting. Transfer files and folders directly to some other computer irrespective of the file size. 22 languages support to search for content.

Storage types

When your company’s data production grows from terabytes to Petabytes the cost of managing that data also increases substantially. The most Affordable cloud solution brings you 4 types of storage systems.

  • a. Hot Storage - it gives you faster recovery and On-Demand access to your critical data. All reduced size data intelligently get stored in hot storage.
  • b. Hybrid+ - it is for your dynamic storage needs. Add Local storage layer to your existing hot, cold and media storages benefits of fast recovery as your restores will be prioritized from the local source. Any storage media can be used because all devices are compatible.
  • c. Cold Storage - it's extremely low-cost storage that provides an optimal, secure and reliable storage solution for your data for a lifetime.
  • d. Tribrid Backup - not all data types should be treated in a similar manner. Some users may want the data at their fingertips for frequent access whereas others may want to store it for archival and compliance purpose. It enables businesses to protect all produced data and save storage costs.

Filters and tagging

These advanced features enhance the user experience and elevate their workflow by helping them find the desired file in seconds. A.I. Analyses pictures that you can search them by on the basis of quality, camera type, location, date, size, length of footage and even by the dominating color of the picture. Tagging feature can help in organizing the files that belong to the same project together. No hassle to search your files before meets.

Archiving Data for the Future

lifetime storage benefit and real-time access. All the contents for indexing, transcoding large audio and video to streamable formats is extracted by the intelligent Cloud Algorithms. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique allows extracting all the content from the scanned documents in 22 languages. Optimized and discoverable versions of files are stored on the Hot Storage for faster access and the larger versions of original files are stored on the Cold Storage.

Mobile Apps

Have your loads of data in a mobile app and be productive from anywhere just by using your mobile or tablet. Perform any administrative task after logging into web-console from your phone and tablets. Search your file faster by filtering the enormous stock of files with their type, size, date, modification, owner name if you have users and dominant color if it’s a picture.

Remote Restore

Restore files located in various devices to any device of your choice with just a few clicks. You can restore a number of files at a time and also can restore them in a specific date range.


Security being the top priority, a number of measures are implemented to ensure the safety of all the shared files such as video, audio, image or documents protected link that changes each time when generated while sharing the file outside your organization. Additional features of setting expiry dates, protecting the files by password and getting a notification when a file is downloaded, so that you can be assured about the safety of files while sharing.

Unified Cloud Backup

Scattered data in different devices are only hassling. Safepots will take a backup from all your devices with both iOS or Android operating system and will also take the backup of services such as Dropbox, google drive, facebook, etc.

Automatic Protection

Perform backups daily or on scheduled time, customize it according to your requirement. All repeating data copies are eliminated over three levels- machine, computer and global. Time and bandwidth consumption is saved by backing up only those blocks of a large file that are changed during the amendment of data, instead of backing up the whole file. Small files were grouped together to put less strain on the server.

Cloud MS SQL Backup

our three ways of protection and restoration of your database. Full back up that does both differential backup and transactional backup. It contains all the data in a specific database or set of file groups. Differential Backups are smaller and faster to create as it only contains data that has changed from the last backup. Therefore, they need less disk space. Transactional backup is used to recover a database to a specific point in time. It contains an ongoing record of all the transactions performed against the database since the last backup.

SaaS File Discovery

Being software as a service, it allows you to stock up all data from all the services such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc to a single place. You will have it all at one place to look into with various filters for quick search. It helps you locate a file using the contents it holds rather than just by its name. A.I. photodetection to find an image with objects in it or by dominating color of the image.-


Innovative import/export service lets the user securely send data directly to our centers instead of them having to send the data over the internet which saves their time and bandwidth consumption. Two ways to utilize this services are snowball appliance perfect for businesses that have to transfer 10TB+ data and BYOHD (bring your own hard disk) User can send all data through external hard disk for import purposes of data. Once data has been shipped, the hard disk will be wiped and send back.

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