Media Awareness

Sync, Share, Backup

Safepots gives you an effortless way to sync, share, access, and backup all your documents, photos, music, and movies across computers and devices.

Some of the world’s leading tech publications talk about Safepots.

All the business usually look for ways of managing their huge data reproduced everyday. These produced data largely consist of media files like photos, video, audios. Safepots provides you with the data storage that is inexpensive and allows easy accessibility with just few clicks. It supports all the types of file like 2K, hd, raw image, 3D.

Anytime streaming demand

Check out your videos now anytime with your friends & family. The system allows you to watch your moments anytime-anywhere with no buffering. It helps in viewing HD, 2k files directly from the cloud, sharing of videos & audios safely.

Intelligent filters

We offer you with the safest platform to store & organize your data on the various factors.

We give a customized and an easy search result on the basis of location, time, resolutions, mobile device, etc. for finding your media quickly without wasting any time.

Option of preview

We give you this option to save your time and know your interest before downloading any file or media. You can see a bit of the file by just moving your cursor over the file of your choice.


Working from your phone is now possible without having issues of security or storage or delay in work. Safepots provides services that can be accessed from any device of your convenience and at any time of your choice.

Types of storage

We know how important is your memories. But not everytime you require to see those memories nor can you delete them to solve space issues hence Safepots got the solution for you. It has two storages hot & cold which can be used to keep your data in archive form to get the storage problem solved and initiate quicker search result.


We are here to lessen your worries as you can send your files directly to us for backup and you can do that easily by sending hard disk or through Amazon AWS.


This feature by Safepots permits you to utilize more tags for the data groups which helps is restoring. Presently you can use Safepots to use our innovative attributes to make your work comfortable & quicker.

Secure sharing

We give you a secure sharing of data with an additional feature of instant viewing of the files using various devices.

Simple restoration

Restoration is simpler as the media file is optimized when stockpiled. This restoration is also available with the option of getting restored in the original sizes.

Satisfactory for huge data dealing

This technology of data-handling of Safepots aids in handling millions of data sharing at both the ends.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.