Healthcare Industrie

No matter where you are, your data is safe with us.

These organizations are responsible for taking care of the patients & its documents keeping it secure & protected from any kind of cyber-threats.

Some of the world’s leading tech publications talk about Safepots.

Quick finding of medical-files in few seconds

As we know the importance of time in medical cases & emergencies, we have come up with a quick search technology so as to find the data that is related to the past years and even of researches and many more safely.

With the e-discovery attribute we have made the searches possible with phrases related to the content of the patient rather than just the name of the file. We made searches possible in few seconds. We also provide copies of data saved in folders for local preservation, making the accessibility easy for migrations.

Zero loss of data

Recently, the breaching of data rise has affected the medical cases a lot. Even the cyber-threats are no less for losing all the important medical data.

Hence we have come up to boost your success by nourishing the cohesion of confidential-information.

HIPAA Compliant

Along with our cloud-based backup we add special attributes & complex encryptions to keep your data safe and secure.

We have HIPAA services to make you and your data feel protected just as big businesses like US govt. & NASA.

Less cost of ITs

Apart from caring for your data safety, security, accessibility, Safepots is there to help you reduce your expenses, spend on unnecessary huge infrastructures. We offer you the appropriate options for paying as per your requirements & not much more then that.

Auditing in real-time

We give a full access on the tracking of user activities & management to find any case of suspicious move performed by anyone on specific time, source. We even give alerts when something malicious is observed to keep you informed.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.